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The Heart of the Rhine Valley Vineyards

Koblenz Is located at the meeting of the Rhine and Mosel Rivers and at the beginning of the High Road into Trier

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Front Entrance to Basillica St. Kastor, Koblentz



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Garden of Statutes at St. Kaster's Church



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Side View of the Liebenfrauen Church



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Rear View from a Side Street

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Looking Down at the City from Fortress Ehrenbreitstein


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Chair lifts to Fortress Ehrenbreitstein

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Looking Down at the Chair Lift


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Ellen Inside the Fortress Grounds

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The Meeting of the Mosel and Rhine Rivers at Koblenz
The Park is Known as the Eck
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Statue of Wiliam the First on the Eck


 Salzberg, Germany is on the rhine River 307.jpg (33017 bytes)

Figure of Mary with Jesus

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Main Protestant Church


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Carved from marble is this Medieval figure

There were several such figures

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Figure of a Pope


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Main Gate Entering the City Proper


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Inside the Main Gate, Archetrical Paintings


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Fountain on the Right Side of The Main Gate


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The Crucification


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THe Saltzburg Cathedral

Saltzburg was one of the most artistic cities that we visited in Germany.


One day,we decided to visit   Ellen's Aunt's sister who lived in Cologne. After a little scouting out the street, we were able to finf her house. She was very happy to see us and was surprised that we could speak fluent German. After we left, we had just enough time to tour it cathedral and view the centuries old Shrine of the Three Kings, mad of pure gold.

cologne cathredal.JPG (147461 bytes)

Cologne Cathedral


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One of Several Stained Windows


319.jpg (104592 bytes)

Another Stained Window


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The Shrine of the Three Kings


After bypassing Trier several times on our way to Luxembourg and Belgium, we decided to stop and tour the city and am I glad hat we did.  It is also refered to as the "Black City", because of its centuries of collecting suet on the stone buildings. Trier was settled in ancient Roman times and was the last outpost of theRoman Empire  territory

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Market Square, Trier, Germany


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Center of Market Square


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Porta Nigra, The Black Portal


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City Hall

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Side Street


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Overlooking Trier

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Church near the Market Place

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Catholic Church

One beautiful day, Ellen and I invited our landloards, Mr. and Mrs Schell to come with us on a trip to Bacarach. They were ready to go. Bacarach is on the Rhine River, traveling from Koblenz to Wiesbaden.


Its fertile hill sides are conducive to some of the best vineyards on the Rhine River. It was a great city for tourist and tour boats were constanly coming and going
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Entering Bacarach, heart of the Rhine vineyards


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Rhine River Tour Boats at Bacarach

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The Stahleck Castle


As with most all of the many castles that are located on mountain tops on both sides of the river, we visited this one which provided a limited view through a small window odfthe Rhine Valley.

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The Castle Wine Cellar


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View of the Rhine River below


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Early Icon


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Knight's Room


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Street Scene showing the main gate toward the river


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Looking down at Bingen and across the Rhine River


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Another view of Bingen

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Train Station


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Bridge Across the Rhine River

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Katz (Cat)Castle, St. Goarhausen

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THe Rhine River tourist's paradise.

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Looking Down Over the Vineyards to the Rhine River


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Across the river is another view of the Mause castle

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The Lorelei





One legend that you’ll hear most about on a cruise on the Rhine River is that of the Lorelei Rock   The legend is as old as time itself and tells of Lorelei, a beautiful young maiden who committed suicide because of her unfaithful lover. She took her life by jumping from the steep rock into the Rhine. Lorelei then became a betwiching siren , luring sailors to their death with her hypnotising voice. The murmuring from the water is said to be Lorelei’s voice.



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